Baseball softball school varsity jacket letterman sweater 3 sewn

Receiving a letterman's jacket and the letters to go with it is a source of pride for many. Wear your letters with pride and sew them on securely so they look great for your entire school career and beyond. There are multiple patches that can be worn on a letterman's jacket. There's the school letter itself, your number if you play a specific sport, and any scholar's patches your school may give you. Your name or your school's name may also adorn the jacket.

Before sewing, take the time to place the letters and patches properly. A well laid out jacket should have:. If your patches are iron-on, heat them in place before sewing to hold them in place. If they are not heat sensitive, use pins to hold them in place securely as you sew. After pinning or ironing on the letter, be sure to step back from the work and look at the jacket from a few feet away.

This will help ensure your letter is on evenly before you begin to sew. To determine thread color, take a close look at each of the patches. There should be a small, thin layer of felt that extends from the back of the letter out past the edges just slightly.

This layer should be in a contrasting color to the rest of the patch; this is the color you should use for your thread. Here's how to sew letters on a letterman's jacket, step by step. Once you've completed your sewing, make sure that the letterman's jacket is well taken care of. The jacket should only be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner to avoid damage to both the coat itself and your sewing handiwork.

With proper care and solid stitches, your letterman's jacket can be worn for years.

baseball softball school varsity jacket letterman sweater 3 sewn

All Rights Reserved.Please select a pattern style for your jacket trim. If you choose Two-Color Knit, you will be prompted to select a main stripe color and a detail stripe color from the palette provided. If you choose Two-Color Knit with White Feathering, you will be prompted to select a main stripe and a detail stripe color from the palette provided. If you choose 2 shoulder stripes, you will be prompted to pick the 1st stripe color starting from top followed by the 2nd stripe color bottom stripe from the palette provided.

If you choose 3 shoulder stripes available in leather onlyyou will be only selecting a total of 2 colors. Choose the color for the top and bottom stripes outside stripes and then choose the color for the middle stripe inside stripe from color palette provided.

To ensure that you are ordering the correct size, please check the size chart below. If you are unsure of your size, please call us at 1.

To calculate the best measurement, measure the largest part of your chest around the back, across the shoulder blades and under the arms. If your waist measurement is larger than your chest, use your waist measurement to order. If you intend to wear a sweater or sweatshirt under your jacklet, add two inches to your chest and then use the appropriate chart to determine size.

If your size falls between two sizes, order the next largest size. Give a name to your jacket and you can come back to it later. Jacket Name:. Your jacket build has been saved. You can go back to it later from the "My Jackets" button above in the navigation. You already have jacket in cart. Remove jacket and proceed. You have chosen to supply your own letter.

Custom Varsity Letters

Your confirmation order email will include instructions on how and where to mail your varsity letter to us. Are you sure you want to start over? All of your selections will be erased. Are you sure you want to leave? You will lose any work in progress you haven't saved. Are you sure your design is ready?A person who dons a letterman jacket holds an extremely prestigious position in high schools and colleges. Students who wear these jackets are almost always the center of attention, and are very popular in the student community.

Captains allowed exceptional athletes who played important games to keep the shirts. This initiated a trend of using the letters as a symbol for excellence in a particular activity. Students who contribute to the reputation and prestige of their schools or colleges by achieving success are awarded with letters and the letterman jacket.

baseball softball school varsity jacket letterman sweater 3 sewn

This encourages a sense of pride and accomplishment, and motivates students to put in their best efforts. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word.

baseball softball school varsity jacket letterman sweater 3 sewn

Get in touch with us and we'll talk Before letterman jackets there were letterman sweaters, which had a big alphabet displayed in the center of the sweater. Here are two diagrams that will explain the design in more detail. Jacket Body 2. Banded Stand-up Collar 3. Name of the Student 5.

Year of Graduation 9. Banded Waist Leather Sleeves Banded Wristbands Snap Front Closure. A letterman jacket is usually presented by the high school or college along with the letter for meritorious achievement. In some schools and colleges, only the letter may be given. In such cases, awardees will have to buy the jacket themselves and put the letter on it.

These jackets may or may not have a hood. Though the placement of certain patches and embroidery is decided by the educational institution, many students change the placement according to their own fashion sense. However, let us take a look at the conventional placement of patches or embroidery on letterman jackets. Most letterman jackets have two colors, but they can also be made in a single color. These jackets are usually made in the official colors of the high school or college.

The main body of the jacket bears the primary color of the school, while the sleeves bear the secondary color.Varsity Letters Monograms View All. View All. Customer Log-in. View our Varsity Letter Brochure. Size note: The size reflects the chenille region on letter.

Overall size is approximately 1" larger. Click here to see how to measure for chenille letters. From varsity lettersto school patchesto chenille script names and wordschenille is our business. Let us help you continue to carry on the rich, important tradition varsity letters represent.

The Standard Varsity Letter is the most popular varsity letter we offer at Neff. When selecting your standard varsity lettertake your pick of 8 different font styles, including the popular Full Block style or a fancier Old English style, among others. All standard varsity letters range from sizes 4" to 20". With our standard varsity lettersyou also have your choice of chenille color, top and back felt colors, and mount stitch colors.

All standard varsity letters have small minimum order requirements, volume discounts and fast delivery. With Neff's Border Varsity Letter style, you have the ability to select two chenille colors - the inner chenille color, and the outside border chenille color.

Our border varsity letters also give you your choice of top and back felt colors, and mount stitch colors. All border varsity letters have small minimum order requirements, volume discounts and fast delivery. Unique in style and design, the 3D Varsity Letter makes a statement. Our 3D Varsity Letters come in our standard Full Block font only, and feature two different chenille colors—one as the main letter fill color and one for the letter shadow. The varsity letter is cornerstone in any school awards system.

The presentation of letters originated in the mid s, eventually becoming the most prestigious prize that any student could win. A varsity letter represents long, hard days of practice and study, and grueling contests and exams.

It represents the loyalty and unselfish faithfulness of each student while in pursuit of a definite goal. It recalls cherished memories of experiences with coaches and teachers who worked, drilled and planned to help develop student ability and skill. It represents each individual event, every specific opponent and the strategic moments of glory in every contest in which they took part. The young students who bear a varsity lette r, a stamp of achievement on their chests, have earned the respect and praise of their peers and community.

At Neff, we've embraced this time honored tradition for more than 65 years, and we too pride ourselves on this prestigious accolade. We believe in the value of celebrating these athletic, academic and artistic achievements.

So with our varsity letters you will receive unsurpassed quality, outstanding on-time delivery, a variety of customizable solutions, and letters with best stitch count in the industry. Furthermore, we offer the largest selection of chenille colors in the business, and guarantee color matching year after year.

From varsity lettersto school patchesto chenille script names and wordschenille awards is our business. Need to Order?Many of our customers prefer to customize their varsity letters and patches by adding sewn-on embroidered swiss inserts. From baseball to swimming, drama to golf, we offer it all in the felt and embroidery colors of your choice. Click for a sample picture please note that the chenille letter must be purchased separately. All Rights Reserved.

All prices are in USD. Please wait Search Search. Home Embroidered Swiss Inserts. Embroidered Swiss Inserts. Choose Options. Art Embroidered Swiss Insert. Band Embroidered Swiss Insert. Baseball Embroidered Swiss Insert. Basketball Embroidered Swiss Insert. Boots Embroidered Swiss Insert. Bowling Pins Embroidered Swiss Insert. Captain Embroidered Swiss Insert. Choir Embroidered Swiss Insert. Clover Embroidered Swiss Insert. Co-Captain Embroidered Swiss Insert. Cross Country Embroidered Swiss Insert.They tell a story and are an interesting landscape on an otherwise inconsequential article of clothing.

Hard earned and symbolic, the patches that are placed on a letterman jacket or sweater carry with them significance for the wearer as well as the observer. Knowing where to place each patch a player scores throughout his academic career is a matter of understanding the origins and significance of the longstanding symbol of success, the letterman jacket. This morphed into sweaters and then leather baseball jackets, becoming a commemoration of students' athletic, academic, musical or other significant gains and activities during their high school or college career.

Also called varsity jackets, a letterman jacket is earned once a school decides that the student has earned her first letter in a subject or sport. Varsity letters are an honor to receive and should be worn with reverence for the subject and the school. The letters stand for hard work and dedication by the students toward their goal in a subject. They have proven they have the fortitude to strive to be a standout and assist others in being their best selves.

They have proven to be a positive contributor to the stellar reputation of the institution they attend. Most letterman jackets are two-toned with a collared band showing off both colors.

The colors are typically those of the school. Letterman jacket patches placement is no small thing. Each patch was earned and deserves its place on the meaningful piece of clothing. Letter jacket patch placement is usually decided by the institution that is giving the meritorious achievement letter.

baseball softball school varsity jacket letterman sweater 3 sewn

However, aside from the embroidered name of the student, school name and subject or sport that the jacket is honoring, students are allowed to place patches where they think they will have the most impact and effect. The year of graduation is nearly always placed on the upper arm of the jacket or just below the front pocket of the jacket if it has one. The style of the varsity or letterman jacket has bled into everyday fashion for everyone.

Letterman jacket examples in subculture include those designed and worn by celebrity fashionistas. She graduated with a B. Her full bio and clips can be seen at www. Guide to Placing Patches on a Letterman Jacket. About the Author.Varsity Letters Monograms View All. View All. Customer Log-in. With our selection of chenille school patches you can recognize all types of school achievements and give your students school awards to be proud of!

Choose from hundreds of chenille patch shapes and designs ranging from sportsto music to academics. Our shape and panel jacket patches serve as blank canvases for any and all student accomplishments. Check out our chenille sport patcheswhich feature all of your favorite school sports. Neff's chenille band and music shape patchesfeature music jacket patches like lyres and eighth notes, fine arts jacket patches like drama and ballet, and activity jacket patches like crossed flags, among others.

Our collection is the perfect way to proudly display musical achievements for every level of student participation and each type of activity. Put yourself on the map with chenille state patches to honor tournament appearances, successful seasons and state titles or championships in your home location.

State jacket patches are cut in the shape of your state and can be personalized with your choice of felt, chenille colors, text and sport or mascot swiss inserts. Give your students the opportunity to proudly display their athletic position, weight classes, or player numbers—the options are endless! With these custom jacket patches that allow you to create connected numbers and letters of any kind, your students' varsity jackets can be completely customized and personal.

Proudly displaying graduation year, with our two digit graduation year jacket patchesjacket patches with tailsand block graduation years. These beautiful script chenille jacket patches are as personalized as you get! And with our online builder, you can see a virtual preview of nearly any name or text you want to display on your varsity jacket.

Our script chenille patches are available in 2" script chenille3" script chenille and 4" script chenille sizes, and with our without a tail below the text. Add swiss inserts to script patches with tails for a completely personalized design. Recognize scholastic achievements with our timeless collection of academic patchesfeaturing an array of scholarly designs, including torches, lamps and scrolls.

Add your scholastic achievements or school name to your academic jacket patches for a unique design. Recognize individual participation, varsity lettermen and exemplary achievements with traditional chenille numerals, stars, bars and chevrons. Does your school's name have more than one letter? Choose from our collection of chenille mascot patches for a spirited design that displays your school brand and spirit. No matter what you select, our custom patches will beautifully display school pride and participation.

Chenille Letters

At Neff, we've been specializing in the chenille patch business for the past 65 years, and we take pride in providing you custom chenille jacket patches to meet your needs. That's why all of our chenille jacket patches are available in a variety of sizes and colors and can be completely customized to suit not only your school, but each individual student as well.

Give us a call if you don't see what you're looking for, we'd be glad to create a custom chenille patch just for you. View our full collection of school awards! Need to Order? Have a School Password?


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