Unordinary lemons

I'll be making a second part soon and I had to get this fanfic off my chest! Constructive criticism is appreciated! He was the embodiment of everything I despise, of everything I do not expect. He is a walking contradiction; a cripple exuding confidence, one that parallels only those who stood at the very top emit. Order is natural. The weak cower in fear of the strong, those with similar status get along, and the strongest of us fight to rise at the very top. Everyone has a rightful place in society, all but him.

From what both Elaine and Isen had told me, John the school cripple, had moved in this school last year. After Seraphina's sudden change of attitude, I've become rather taken by how could someone influence her so much that she completely reformed to a different person. I turned to face the demanding male behind me, his gaze wary. This are is for royals only. You have no place here, you need to leave.

There was none. I narrowed my eyes at him, just when I was about to respond, a thought cross my mind. Smirking, I moved to stand in front of him and without hesitation, I trapped him in between me and the wire mesh. John's eyes seem to widen in surprise, eyes darting from side to side before looking up to me.

In that brief moment before he pushed me aside, I saw his cheeks flaring in embarrassment or maybe even in anger. He pushed pass me in haste, darting out of the door almost immediately while muttering 'nope' underneath his breathe.

I wanted to laugh but I could feel my own cheeks burning. I coughed and aggressively rubbed my lips, I couldn't have been blushing. Why the hell would I be blushing for anyway? Was it the look in his eyes that caught me or was it the fact that he looked rather startled and confused that made him attractive My thoughts seem to derail as I kept on thinking back on my actions.

I could not have such thoughts so I simply shook my head and continued to ponder over relevant matters. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Was it the look in his eyes that caught me or was it the fact that he looked rather startled and confused that made him attractive-- My thoughts seem to derail as I kept on thinking back on my actions.

Likes Comments 6.Before the story starts I would just like to say that if you are like me then you are probably in desperate need of a boyfriend or girlfriend and is lonely because of how sad our society is, but if you don't then well.

Nice to meet you. We will probably not get along well. V stands for Person of view or something.

SHE'S BACK!!!! UnOrdinary Episode 175 Reaction

It basically means that you are experiencing a 1st person or someone else character. Also, there might be some cursing and stuff And if that's too much then tell me and ill blur them out Sunlight touches your face as you stand up with a. Remembering the flashback you smile "- It's nice to have somebody looking out for you. You stand up start to get ready for school, putting on the Wellston high uniform, socks, shoes and putting your hair up in a braid.

If you have long hair skip that part and be loose with your hair :joy:. You also notice a plate with some scrambled eggs and bacon and just like magic you hear your stomach rumble as you look at the food.

Arlo was abnormally tall and that kinda pissed you off but, then again being small had its advantages. It's just hard to see. You're lips touch and you can feel your face burning up. All his attention is solely to you as he kisses you lovingly. But you also know that it was totally worth being 5 minutes late for class since that was a totally great way to start your day and a way to realise just how lucky you are to have him.

What do yo think? Was it good? Was it too cheesy? Did you enjoy yourself?

A Mystery (John x Arlo)

Want more? Please answer since I'm really new to the writing community and have nearly no experience with writing fanfics so I'm sorry if this seems so.

Anyways that's it for this story and I really enjoyed myself! I would really like to write more fanfics in the future and I hope that I can improve my grammar and writing skills. Also please give me some advice on what I can improve on! When it said "Hey Shortie" I was sitting here thinking you could see me or something because I'm like abnormally short Well, I'm glad u liked that I used it! Tbh I was just reflecting at myself.

Ya know. Being short. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Also, just a few stuff before you read. Just know that C is colour.

Someone explain it better than me please ;-; These are just the basics. If you have long hair skip that part and be loose with your hair :joy: You make your way to the kitchen eyeing the plates that your roommate probably left there. Why can't you put your plates in the sink for once.The sand beneath our feet shifts as our footsteps fall in sync as we trek the length of the beach. The ocean waters lull as it creeps to the shore.

Comfortable silence occupies the space between us as the breeze picks up its pace, sending my strands of hair tangling with one another. The last of the warm light sinks beyond the horizon stretched out in the vastness of the ocean. The waves crashes softly against the shore, the edges of the water briefly touching my feet before it withdraws. Taking I deep breath, the smell of salt water and damp sand filling my lungs as I continue to speak.

unordinary lemons

I push back stray strands of hair as they fall on my face, temporarily obscuring my vision. I understand that Blyke abruptly stops and I pause in my step to look up to him. Our eyes meet again and his hand slides across the small of my back, down the length of my arm until his hands find mine again.

He moves in front of me, never letting my hand go. In my moment of brief surprise, he plants a soft, short kiss on my lips which takes me aback.

I blink at him, the blood rushing through my veins are warmth explodes in my chest and sends butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He laughs at my flustered cheeks, before planting another kiss on my cheek. I couldn't help but adore the way his laughter sounds like music to my ears. Before he could react, I tackle him to the ground, sending bits and pieces of sand in the air as our overall mass hits the earth. He curses and I laugh, the water laps at the shore and partially drenches his clothes.

I leaned in and Blyke closes the gap between us. For a moment we stayed the way before eventually pulling away, breathless and merrily laughing. Thankfully there's barely a soul at this time. It's been ages since I actually wrote anything with first person perspective, and it's been ages since I've written anything remotely romantic.

I'm unable to write anything without twisting it into sadness or making it pretty dark. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the short Blyke x Reader thingy! Constructive feedback are also much appreciated.

Feel free to point out grammar and spelling mistakes XD. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Likes Comments Like Penut butr. When I first glanced at the cover photo, it looked like someone grabbing their nuts. Cool story BTW. Artsy Rose. This was super adorable and well written! Read 4 more replies.Coming" I growled and got off my bed. My death glares dissipate quickly. John and I walk on the sidewalk towards the convenience store, it was a silent walk. Both of us had our hands in our own pockets, exhaling hot air from our mouths into the cold morning air.

He stops as well and looks at me with glaring eyes. I think I saw his hand roll into a fist in his jacket. I stood my ground, "Usually when we have dreams," I turn from his sight and face the convenience store, "It's either a blast from the past, or a prediction to the upcoming future.

I start to walk with him, "It can be both, past as a reminder of what to do or not to do. I never liked it, it never gives us cripples a chance to say anything, and if we do speak out, we just get a beating. What it should be, is a democracy of some sort. It will just lead to a rebellion. Though when I joined Wellston, it was still the same as my last school". John stops and thinks for a second, it looks like he was thinking about something.

I shrugged it off and grab a air-tight wrapped sandwich.

Lucky [ Arlo X Female Reader ]

It's best to stick with one system as possible. John sat down at the edge of the sidewalk and unwrap his bread and start eating. I sat with him and unwrap my sandwich and start eating as well. I see John who was in a deep thought, silently eating to himself. I ate silently with him, observing his face. Suddenly, halfway through my sandwich, John had a distasteful look and wrap his bread before shoving it in his bag.

It was weird seeing the Queen of Wellston without her hair extensions, probably because I was so used to her with long hair. John was silent for a second before immediately changing the subject, "I got us breakfast!

Come on, let's eat!

unordinary lemons

It was a silent breakfast.She was once the strongest student in Wellston and held the prestigious titles of Queen of Wellstonand later Ace of Wellstonuntil she lost her ability. Seraphina is a third-year student at Wellston Private High School. Prior to John 's arrival, Seraphina lacked the yellow streaks in her magenta hair and overall had a respectable appearance. She would wear her long, hip-length hair in a ponytail, and had her attire in order, wearing her jacket properly, doing her tie accordingly, and had her shirt buttoned all the way to the top button.

Her uniform had no to few wrinkles in the past. At some point after meeting John, Seraphina cut her hair short and started using hair extensions regularly. Her outfit is notably more disheveled than before, most of her clothing full of wrinkles as she does not care about how she is perceived anymore.

Her thought bubbles are the same magenta color as her hair, and her eyes glow sky-blue when using her ability. Though the model student of Wellston Private High School and one of the few god-tiers, Seraphina's personality is not like that of her peers; she has a rather relaxed personality and doesn't really care for much; she often finds herself bored due to how good she is at everything. Due to her reputation as the "perfect student," Seraphina is often the center of attention in Wellston, but unlike most high-tiers, she does not care for her punctuality nor her reputation and has even gone as far as making friends with a supposed cripple.

Though she rarely lets the opinions of others get under her skin, Seraphina is not above asserting her power with people who get into her business. Around her best friend, JohnSeraphina tends to be playfully sarcastic, and often pokes fun at his supposed powerlessness and optimism. However, Seraphina looks up to John for said optimism and has adopted many of his ideologies as her own.

In the past, Seraphina always strove to be perfect in the eyes of others and did not tolerate anyone getting in her way, but she did harbor doubts on the purpose of being perfect. After meeting John, she realized that it doesn't matter what others think of her and stopped trying to be perfect. After losing her ability, Seraphina initially kept her usual calm, nonchalant visage.

However, she was privately worried about how long she would remain powerless. After her ability-loss was exposed and the entire school turned on her, she finally broke down and admitted that she is scared of her ability being permanently gone, revealing that she ties her worth as a human being to her ability.

Despite overwhelming odds though, she has taken steps to improve herself and learn how to live like a cripple. As time passes, she also becomes more aware of the inequality and injustices lower tiers face on a daily basis.

Seraphina, at first, considered William Doe 's Unordinary to paint an absurd vision of the world. However, when she later answered that she didn't agree with the book's message, she was surprised to hear this claim was a lie.

Indeed, Seraphina found herself trying to intervene during incidents of bullying throughout the school. Unfortunately, her newfound altruism is offset by the sobering realization that she could not do much to act on it following her ability loss. Seraphina has even felt that she deserved to be a cripple for having ignored the plights of the lower tiers for so long. Seraphina is introduced by Uru-chan as a super cool person who plays games on her phone. After John is scared by a horror movie jump-scare, Seraphina freezes time to take an embarrassing photo of him.

During Uru-chan's lesson on ability levels, Seraphina is given as an example of a god-tier in the tier descriptions. Near the end of the lesson, Seraphina was revealed to be playing on her phone the whole time.

Time Manipulation : Seraphina, as the Ace of Wellston, is known as the strongest ability user in the entire school. She has shown the ability to stop time [3] and reverse time to a certain extent. Seraphina also appears to be physically strong as she is capable of sending Gavin flying back in his powered-up form, and breaking Arlo's barrier, although this might be augmented by her ability as she moves faster relative to anyone else when in a time-frozen environment, which greatly increases her momentum.

She also uses her ability for pranks, [5] and she is also skilled at games which may have something to do with her ability. However, as of Chapter 75Seraphina has been rendered powerless, but despite her powerless state, John has taught her enough self-defense to handle the likes of lower-tiered students such as Hower.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Dressing Room 3. Study Date?

unordinary lemons

They were created by the author of the webcomic, uru-chan, and belong to her. I noticed that the comic has been out for years and there isn't much fanfic out there John walked leisurely back to the department store, two iced drinks and a shopping bag in hand.

Seraphina needed to go shopping for a new work out outfit and had dragged him along. John was already broke as it is. The store comes into view and he makes his ways over, waving off a lady who holds a perfume sample out towards him. John steps inside. John spins around and sees Seraphina standing in the doorway, a confused look on her face. John looks her figure over. She looked good in it. Sera eyes him suspiciously and crosses her arms.

unordinary lemons

John raises an eyebrow. What is she getting at? He thinks. He takes a good look around and notices her scattered clothes on the bench, sitting on top of the pile is a bright pink bra. John feels his face get hot with embarrassment and he scratches his head with his free hand.

He attempts to step out of the room but Seraphina cuts him off, closing the curtain. John freezes and she stands in front of him. Her light green highlights glowing under the dim fluorescents.

Seraphina brings herself closer to him, backing him against the side of the dressing room. He watches her carefully as her eyes wander over his face, eventually falling on his lips. Sera stands up on her tip toes and pushes against him, planting a small quick kiss on his mouth.

John closes his eyes, feeling her warm body pressed against him, it felt nice.I live in the US, but where exactly is nobody's concern. Now, this is pretty much the bio, and there's not much to tell. Either way, feel free to read my stories and leave a review if you want. I am a pretty easy guy to get along with. My name is Tony. I really don't have much to say about myself, so I guess I'll just leave it at that. I guess you can say I have a tendency to use songs in my stories.

In my own opinion, songs are stories. It may take a couple of listenings to understand it, but eventually it becomes clear to you. Another reason is that sometimes it takes music to express the emotion that flows through the story.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Unordinary Soul hide bio. Sort: Category. Cyber-Violet Volition by Virtual Delirium reviews "Let the Trickster inhabit the darker side of life, while we use that force, through his stories, to bring us to the good side of life.

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Does he like her, too? What does he have for her on Valentine's Day? Late VD story.


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